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Rather than talk about what we do, we feel it is just as important, if not more important, to show you what we do.

Kitchen Remodel (Click for more info)

Remodeling kitchens is one of the most popular and valuable home improvements people are making to their homes in America. Kitchen remodeling & restoration allows for your kitchen to be as modern as possible. We will custom design and offer no nonsense pricing at no cost to you. With all the various styles of kitchen cabinets on the market you can perform a kitchen remodel that gives you the look of a new home all the way to classic historical appearance.

Some other options that play a role in kitchen renovation are energy efficient, garden window, custom cabinets, and fixtures. By not looking over these aspects of your kitchen restoration project you can bring the room together, and bring your ideas to reality.

It's now time to start deciding on what you want done. Take a look at the list below to see the most common kitchen remodeling projects.

  • Cabinets & Countertops Remodeling – The transformation of your cabinets & countertops can dramatically transform the way your kitchen looks.  Whether you want darker cabinets for that warm and cozy feeling or perhaps white cabinets for that bright, clean looking kitchen, we have the perfect plywood cabinets for you.
  • Are you a DIY'er?  We can provide you cabinets so you can install them yourself.  Call today to schedule an appointment at our showroom.  Bring your wall measurements and we can provide 3D design of your new cabinets.
  • New Kitchen Flooring – Whether it is hardwoods, ceramic tile, laminate flooring or even new vinyl you can make your kitchen appealing from top to bottom.
  • Painting & Kitchen Backsplash - Repainting and applying a backsplash will let you achieve almost any idea you can think of.

Skillcrafters Inc provides complete kitchen remodeling & renovation projects that include kitchen cabinets & countertop remodeling, new kitchen flooring, backsplash & painting, in St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, West, South, and surrounding Counties.

Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is not the room where you spend the most time. It's not where life's big triumphs take place (aside from potty training, that is).  But walk into your bathroom, turn the knob and suddenly, for a moment or an hour, the world stops turning. No other room in your home requires the level of privacy a bathroom does, no wonder why bathroom remodeling is so popular. Remodeling a bathroom achieves all of this and increases the value of your home in the process, making bathroom renovation a great investment.

Renovating a bathroom or adding a bathroom addition can be very affordable depending on what you want it to look like. Skillcrafters remodeling has the knowledge and experience to work with you to match your style and personal preference to create a bathroom retreat that is functional, energy efficient and a valuable upgrade to your home.  We are fully insured and have been in business since 2001.

We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to match their budgets, desires and goals as closely as possible. It doesn't matter if you want to simply update fixtures and repaint, or create an exquisite spa like retreat, we provide the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The list below reveals the most common bathroom remodeling projects and bathroom improvements most home owners do.

  • Hardwoods or Tile Flooring - Replacing a basic vinyl flooring with stylish hardwoods & ceramic tiles will dramatically improve the visual appearance of any bathroom.
  • Bathroom Vanities, Countertops, and Fixtures – Two of the highest impact items that can enhance the overall look a feel of your bathroom remodeling project.
  • Painting & Backsplash - Painting and/or covering the walls with a decorative backsplash to compliment the room is a must for any bathroom renovation.
  • Shower and Tub - Installing a modern shower and bathtub are the final touches that will bring you the relaxation and the comfort you need.
  • We also offer Handicap solutions including grab bar installations, wheel chair accessible showers and ADA compliant toilets.

Basement Finishing

Looking to increase your living space without the hassle of moving to a new home?  If you answered yes, then what better solution than taking the unfinished part of your home and turning it into a spacious living area?

Whether it is a man cave, woman retreat, or a place to send the kids to play, a finished basement allows more room for your family to spread out.  Entertainment rooms, wet bars, home theater, crafts area, mother in law suite with kitchenette, or perhaps just to add another bathroom,  the possibilities and reasons are endless.

Contact us today for a free consultation.  One of our professionals will come to your home and design the perfect space for you and your needs.  We can take care of everything including framing, drywall, ceilings, flooring, painting,  custom cabinets and/or bookcases, we work closely with you to design the most practical area that meets your requirements.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Perhaps no other element better shapes a home's personality and energy efficiency more than the right windows. Additionally, proper installation will dramatically enhance the look, feel and energy efficiency of your home. With window upgrades being a popular and practical home improvement, many companies offer a "cheap and quick" window upgrade. These installers are able to offer low prices by cutting corners on the installation. Unfortunately, improperly installed windows allow drafts of cold and hot air to escape often, leaving the homeowner with a drafty room and higher than necessary heating and cooling costs. Cutting corners on the installation can also degrade the look and atmosphere of the home.

We can also help you navigate the many styles, designs, and grades of windows available and help you decide on exactly what type will best compliment your home.  We offer a good, better, and best vinyl replacement solution that is sure to fit your needs as well as your budget.  Whether you are looking for Double Pane or Triple Pane windows, Argon or Krypton Gas, we have your solution.

When using Skillcrafters, the benefits start immediately. From enhancing your home's interior to adding to its curb appeal, new windows transform any home from ordinary to outstanding and provide one of the best returns on investment.

Siding/Soffit & Fascia
Siding, Soffit and Fascia

Skillcrafters understands the importance of a professionally done vinyl siding project. Not only does a well installed siding face lift protect your home from the intrusion of water and moisture, it will give your house curb appeal. Our sixteen foot panels give 25% less seems, bringing out the natural beauty the home was meant to have. Skillcrafters offers a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from and all come with some of the best warranties in the industry, including a ten year labor warranty and a lifetime HAIL warranty.

We also understand that one siding material may not be suitable for all homes, therefore in keeping with our business model that one size does not fit all, Skillcrafters offers a good, better and best solution to meet both your needs and your budget.  So let's get started, feel free to fill out the form to the right for a free, no obligation estimate.

Did we mention we have an impeccable BBB rating and we have financing available as well.  Not so perfect credit?  No problem, we have a solution for that as well.  Give us a try and find out why all of our previous customers have us out for multiple projects.


Your home's roof is the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions. It doesn't matter what materials or upgrades you add to the rest of your home, if your roof is failing, everything else will be damaged in the long run.

Our team will look over your home's entire roofing structure to ensure that no water damage has occurred, it is property flashed, and verify that proper ventilation is occurring.

Additionally, we can make recommendations that will enhance the overall look and performance of your roof. Our team will provide you with an accurate bid for your project based on your desires and your roof's needs. Our team has the knowledge and skill to repair or replace your roof.

Skillcrafters Inc takes your needs as seriously as you do. From the smallest roof leak to a complete re-roofing project, we deliver the same professionalism, dedication and satisfaction. We utilize the best materials from leading manufacturers and we are certified roofing contractors from the Manufacturer.

Aluminum and Vinyl Fencing

We provide a variety of fencing products and offer our services at an affordable price. We specialize in vinyl and aluminum fence installation. Installing a vinyl or aluminum fence will keep your yard looking new for years to come. Craftsmanship and quality service comes first. If you are looking for wood fence, vinyl fence, aluminum fence or pool fencing then we are the right company to help you with your project.

We know that there are many choices when it comes to fence companies, products, and contractors. Our main goal is to provide our customers with a superior level of service that is unmatched by any other fencing company and to supply a quality product that will last for years. We believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes. We strive to produce quality craftsmanship and accomplish this by limiting the number of customers in our schedule to ensure the attention you deserve. Once we begin your job, we will be there until it is complete and you are satisfied. We stand behind our product and believe in providing you the ultimate level excellence.

Decks/Patio Covers/Pergolas
Decks, Pergolas, and Sunrooms

At Skillcrafters Inc, we’re passionate about decks because nothing utilizes a backyard living space better than a well-built deck. Decks are our favorite yard feature, since they are simply great for capturing that special view of a sunrise or sunset with friends and family. Whether a simple platform deck or a multilevel extravaganza, a deck makes any backyard more fun.

Our backyard decks can also be a practical solution to an unruly lawn, a sloped yard, erosion, or running water. In either case, a deck will be an extension of your indoor living space that’s well designed and an excellent setting for relaxing, dining, or entertaining. Skill Crafters Inc specializes in “Making Backyards Fun!”

Different types of Decks:

Low Maintenance Decking

With different options and materials to choose from, Skillcrafters offers low maintenance decking with great warranties.  Spend less time powerwashing and staining and more time grilling with the family!

Cedar Decks

Cedar wood is well suited for decks and outdoor stair construction. Cedar is naturally decay-resistant, light in weight, easy to work with, and complements any architectural style. Cedar holds up well in the intense Missouri weather and although it will gray over time if not stained every couple of years, it is not prone to cracking and splintering like treated pine decks.

What do you want from your sunroom? Is it your personal haven, always just steps away. Whether it’s your personal paradise or your family’s retreat, your sunroom is a beautiful, secluded environment in which to relax, entertain, soak away stress in a hot tub, exercise – whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing it.

And whatever activity you select, your sunroom makes it that much better by opening nature to you, surrounding you in the scenic, soothing outdoors. At the same time, you’re sheltered from sun, rain, wind and insects.

Plus, a sunroom means you’re no longer bound by the calendar. You’ll extend your seasons and enjoy all that you love about the outdoors, longer and more often during the year.

About Us

Welcome to the Skillcrafters web site. We are honored that you are taking the time to read about us. Skillcrafters is a family owned, local company that has been doing business for over 10 years. 80% of our business has come from word of mouth and referrals.

Our company has an A+ rating with The BBB and take our projects very serious. We have a no nonsense pricing policy and set the standard in the industry. Our philosophy is we work for our customers on their terms, meaning, we will meet with who you want when you want.

Skillcrafters shops all our products per job to assure the best pricing possible. Skillcrafters’ warranties are both from the manufacturer on our material and a ten year labor warranty direct from Skillcrafters. The Owners and our Employees appreciate the opportunity to participate in your next home improvement project.

We are a firm believer that one size does not fit all, therefore we choose our suppliers and materials accordingly.  When you have us out for a free estimate, if we don’t have the product you need and at a price you can afford, we will point you in the right direction of someone who does.  Guaranteed.


We can appreciate that not everyone can pay cash for their dreams, and you are not alone. We have a wide arrangement of financing options to choose from that is guaranteed to fit your budget. Whether you are looking for a short term option with a larger monthly investment, or a longer term option with a very low monthly investment, or perhaps a same as cash program, we have an option for you. Bad credit? We even have an option for you so there is no reason not to have us out for a free estimate.

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